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Too many big concerns

March 25, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I’m writing with many concerns.

First, I’m concerned about our governor’s attempt to privatize the state lottery — to have it operated by a company from the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, he also favors privatizing the liquor stores.

I don’t play the lottery any more. Although it was set up to help senior citizens, I sometimes wonder whether that truly is the case.

Whenever another country is involved, I feel there’s a chance for more Pennsylvania losses.

The liquor stores have functioned for many years, making money for the state as well as being self-sufficient.

Yes, if the liquor stores are sold, the state will get a lot of money initially. But what about the future, when that money is gone?

It seems there might not have been enough long-range thought about the future.

What will the expected job losses cost our state economy?

Will the U.S. Postal Service be privatized too? I was under the impression that automation would make the mail service more efficient.

We need new ideas for now and the future. We need jobs for our families.

Too many people focus on today and the “me” attitude, which results in hardships for many others.

Next, health care is the most costly thing in most of our lives.

A Butler Eagle letter writer claimed the liquor stores and postal service have a monopoly. Perhaps health care is the monopoly.

People don’t have to drink alcohol or send their mail, but they do need to have health care.

Now companies are cutting or discontinuing coverage for their employees. Meanwhile, people are forced to let their children virtually raise themselves or be under the care of baby sitters much of the time. Both parents sometimes need to work two jobs to make ends meet.

We are being divided perhaps for political reasons or for selfish reasons. Whatever the case, the theme seems to be to divide and conquer.

We need to get a handle on our lives, work with each other, and quit the childish games.

We are all Americans.

People must stand tall for all who gave their lives for our freedom and fight back to get dignity and respect for everyone.