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VNA Hospice excellent

March 23, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I would like the public to know about our positive experience at the VNA Inpatient Hospice on Benbrook Road.

During my husband’s illness, he was hospitalized many times over the past three months. During our last hospital stay, the staff at Butler Memorial Hospital encouraged me to visit the VNA Inpatient Hospice to check out the facility.

I had every intention of taking my beloved husband home, but after visiting the residence on Technology Drive I had a change of heart.

I found the residence to be beautiful inside and out. It felt like home.

From the reception area to the large family room, kitchen and dining area, the residence was spacious and allowed ample room for all of us to be together.

I chose the “blue room,” which was beautifully furnished and had everything a person could possibly need.

I was able to stay 24/7 with Roy. We enjoyed the view out our windows, and every family member and friend had a place to have some private time with him.

He was so pleased to have had this time with everyone.

The residence has a butterfly garden, beautiful chapel and many areas for quiet reflection and private moments.

The staff is unsurpassed. The nurses, aides, housekeeping, social workers, in-house doctor, in-house clergy and the many volunteers did everything possible to make our stay comfortable and relaxed.

The entire staff of hospice people is amazing professionals who provided not only care for the patient but also gave respect, patience, kindness and love to all of us.

We are pleased to have met each and every one of these fine people. During our seven-day stay, many people passed through the front doors to visit with Roy, and I am positive that each of those people will have nothing but the highest praise for this facility.

People should not hesitate to entrust the care of their loved one to these fine people. I know our family is very glad that we chose to go there.