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Chief’s action praised

March 22, 2013 Letters to the Editor

Ever since I was old enough to go hunting and fishing, I have enjoyed the outdoors and wildlife. I was taught to respect all wildlife and be a responsible hunter.

That is why, on a recent snowy Friday morning, as I was driving to Butler County Community College for class, I was very upset to see a doe that clearly had been struck by a vehicle. At least three of her legs were broken, if not all of them, but the collision with the vehicle had not killed her.

I stopped to look and could tell she was in terrible pain and was terribly frightened. Her fate surely was a slow, merciless death alongside the road at the border of Forward and Adams townships.

I needed to be in class, so I called my mom and she called 911, requesting that a police officer be dispatched to put the animal out of her misery.

Because of the location, the state police would have to be dispatched.

The road conditions that day were worsening throughout the morning. I was very concerned about the deer and could only picture her suffering in the harsh winter weather, unable to move.

So, as soon as I got out of my morning classes three hours later, I went to make sure that the doe had been properly taken care of by authorities. I drove back down, only to still find her there with her head down and ears pinned back, covered in wet snow.

I called my dad and he got in touch with Adams Township Police Chief Bill Westerman. Shortly thereafter, the chief dispatched one of his officers, who arrived at the scene and put the poor animal out of her misery. I am grateful to the chief for his quick response.

The thought of that poor doe suffering in that way was very upsetting to me.