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VNA hospice praised

March 19, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I want to share with everyone an experience I had in Butler.

On Jan. 20, my father, Joseph Lovett, suffered a devastating stroke. While recovering in a hospital, on Feb. 19, he suffered another devastating stroke with a massive bleed in the brain.

As a result, on Feb. 21, my father was transferred to the VNA Inpatient Hospice in Butler. He passed away Feb. 22 at the age of 58 with his family by his side.

I work in the medical field. Many times I have been with families while their loved one passed on.

It never is an easy task.

Although our time at the VNA Inpatient Hospice was only 24 hours, every staff person touched us in a special way. The nurses and nurse aides were amazing and comforting. The secretary was accommodating, and the social worker was there for us with every question we had.

The facility was beautiful, well-kept and clean. The surroundings made us feel at home.

The workers expressed to me to allow them to be the caregivers so I could be a son, but also allowed me to participate in his care.

Most touching, a nurse approached my mother and said, “I know this may sound odd to you but I would like to recommend something. If you would like, I can get some paper and a pencil and you can trace Joe’s hand.”

At first we did think it was a little odd. However, my mother and I sat on my father’s bed tracing his hand numerous times just hours before he passed away. The tracing of his hand is something I will treasure for the rest of my life, and daily I place my hand on the tracing I made.

I want all readers to know about the VNA Inpatient Hospice in Butler and how it touched our lives. Being with my father as he passed away was very difficult, but the support we received and continue to receive from all the staff is indescribable.