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Keep religious choices

March 15, 2013 Letters to the Editor

While I respect the opinion of Robert J. Kowalski (“U.S. has 1 hope,” March 11), I have a question. While, as Kowalski says, Christianity may be the cornerstone of America, when did it become the only religion in America?

He says that the president is attacking religious freedom. As I see it, President Barack Obama is trying to protect the religious choices of those who don’t agree with Kowalski.

While assisted suicide and abortion may be a religious choice for some, for others it is a medical choice.

Should a Christian woman who has been told by her doctor that to deliver her baby would mean almost certain death, or that the baby has no brain — must she choose to have the baby because of her faith?

What faith would require her to deliver the baby and sacrifice her own life?

What about a 14-year-old rape victim?

Our founding fathers could not foresee things like abortion, gay marriage and semi-automatic weapons. They gave no one the right to vote except white men. Women were property, and humans could be owned like livestock.

As religions have evolved, so must our laws.

Kowalski’s faith is not my faith, so he should not assume that he speaks for all.

Religious freedom means I may not agree with what someone else believes, but I will protect that person’s right to believe it.

I deserve the same courtesy.