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Solve needles problem

March 15, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I recently moved to Butler from Wexford to be closer to my three children who currently are residing primarily at my ex-wife’s house.

Since my three months’ stay in this quaint little town, no one would believe how many used hypodermic needles I have had to dispose of that were lying on the sidewalks or streets, even in parks.

I am sure that I am not the only parent with children who like to go outside and play safely without having to worry about being hurt by a diseased drug addict’s negligence.

I have noticed the Butler County prisoners out on work release providing a little bit of help for the community, but I have yet to see any one of them pick up and dispose of a used needle for the safety of our community, which actually is a simple task.

I once had a diabetic roommate who used such needles for insulin. When he was done with one, he would put it into a marked, empty 2-liter bottle on top of the refrigerator until it was full, then dispose of it properly.

Can someone please speak with the proper authorities so that we parents and, most of all, our children can safely go outside and enjoy all that Butler has to offer?