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Fix city’s needs first


March 11, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Hats off to Carol Savage for her letter of Feb. 26, “Fix problems first.”

First, there’s last summer’s “urban park” and seating that took up part of a downtown Butler street, plus the decision to take away a working traffic light, which someday might create a serious danger.

I, and I’m sure others, have had close calls there.

Also, as far back as I can remember, Washington Street was always one way between West Penn and West Wayne streets. Now, our firefighters have two-way traffic to deal with when leaving the fire station.

Butler City Council needs to think before it spends taxpayers’ money.

The Butler Memorial Park pool has been closed for years. It should be fixed. City kids don’t always have a ride to Alameda Park.

Evans City has a very nice park for its children.

Where does the money from the Butler car show and ethnic festival go?

Butler needs to take a stand. Our streets are a mess.

I wonder how much money was put into the repair of Pillow Street. All I can tell from that job was that the pavement was fixed. However, the flooding goes on, even though there were new pipes, drains, etc., put in.

I live off of Pillow Street. The rainwater comes up to my neighbor’s sidewalk. The water gets so deep that if drivers aren’t careful, they could hydroplane.

It’s time to get answers and get things done. This is our town.

Meanwhile, I don’t support the Centre City Project.

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