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Up gun punishment

March 5, 2013 Letters to the Editor

What happened to the idea of “innocent until proven guilty”?

In the Feb. 28 letter “Use different gun tactic,” we see, yet again, another example of the glittering irrational logic of the liberal mind.

David Kerr, Democratic committeeman, of Lancaster Township, proposes the following:

“Rather than banning certain weapons, my suggestion is to draft legislation listing only those types of weapons that would be allowed.”

So, the assumption is that anybody buying a gun that he doesn’t like will, sometime in the future, be guilty of misusing that weapon.

The fact that so many people reading that letter did not see it as a blatant attack against liberty and the rights of law-abiding citizens is a sad reminder of how far citizens of this nation have moved away from the understanding of what personal individual freedom means — and what the limited role of government is supposed to be.

The solution is to enforce the existing laws, and maybe add some tougher ones. Here are my thoughts:

Whenever someone is found guilty of committing a crime with a firearm, no matter what kind, there should be a mandatory sentence with no leniency.

Commit a crime with a gun, without shooting it, you get 10 years. You shoot and wound or kill someone, you get the death penalty.