The Cranberry Eagle
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Article published March 4, 2013

In light of the most recent political fight, do you feel our government is broken?

“Yes. They spend way too much money.”

Kerri Boatwright,
Cranberry Township

“It's all political machinations. They need to work together because we're a great country.”
Gina Karl,
Cranberry Township

“I think we'll get through it.”
Elaine Knezovich,
Cranberry Township

“Very much so. The president tells people 'Don't go beyond your means,' and the Republicans try to make him stay within his budget. It's a big battle.”
Jim Velicoff,
Cranberry Township

“Yeah, I do. It’s been a gradual progression of entitlement. It’s too easy for government officials to use money that they didn’t have to earn.”
David Wallisch,
Cranberry Township