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Fix problems first

February 26, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I’m writing regarding a Butler Eagle article about the Centre City Project. That project never should have been started.

The Butler Memorial Park swimming pool has been closed for years because of repair work that needs done. There lies fun lost for people of the city — not to mention the jobs lost there.

Why no money?

Just up the street from the city’s offices is the county government, where officials get raises all the time. For what?

The county commissioners, who are paid too much, sit at their meetings and argue.

The Deshon woods have been cut down, creating an eyesore. The Alameda Park pool is in need of repairs.

Are we eventually going to close that pool too?

The Alameda woods have been hacked up. The road from the city to Alameda Park has been closed, because the county supposedly doesn’t have enough money to repair it.

Rather than working to get the Centre City project under way, officials ought to fix things that need repaired and quit wasting taxpayers’ money.

That would make the city shine.