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Godzilla attacking?

February 23, 2013 Letters to the Editor

Wayne LaPierre, a shining example of what greed stands for in America, is the perfect mouthpiece for the munitions makers of this country. LaPierre, who is chief executive officer of the National Rifle Association, has called for armed guards in every school.

Why don’t we instead just arm every child before he or she starts school? That way, a lot more guns and ammunition will be sold.

Here is a recent statement from LaPierre: “We will not be denied our right to semiautomatic technology and the magazines we need to defend ourselves and our families.”

So, if I have two loaded shotguns and a loaded deer rifle in my home, I still will not be able to defend my family?

Who’s attacking us, Godzilla?

LaPierre is not concerned about Second Amendment rights. He represents the gun lobby only and could care less about anyone or their family.

I have guns of my own. If the government wants to register them, that is fine with me. People kill people with cars, but vehicle owners must register them.

What is the difference?

Drugs have been illegal in the United States for many years. Are drugs still available today?

Just ask any middle school student.

If guns ever were banned in this country, a person could buy more on the black market than he or she currently owns. So, does anyone really think guns ever will be outlawed in this country?

It’s time to take politics out of the issue. What we need is common ground from all sides.

More guns is not the answer. Banning assault weapons and magazines with more than 10 rounds is needed.

More mental health checks would help greatly.

It’s time to work together for an expedient and safe solution.