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2 employees special

February 22, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I agree with Eileen Schoenecker (“Cashier brings smiles,” Feb. 13) about the Friedman’s supermarket at the Greater Butler Mart.

Having been a shopper at the former BiLo supermarket at Point Plaza, I now do most of my shopping at the Greater Butler Mart Friedman’s.

All of the employees are very helpful. If a shopper has any questions or is unable to find an item, employees are willing to help.

When I enter the store, I always look to see if two special employees are working, Linda and Renate.

Whenever I am checking out, they always have a smile and are willing to joke with me.

When I am leaving, I always give them both a hug, and their faces light up with joy.

I wish to offer a special thank-you to the store’s manager for allowing Linda to dress up in unusual outfits to bring laughter and joy to customers.

In addition to Schoenecker and myself, I’m sure many other people agree.