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McCarren’s recalled

February 19, 2013 Letters to the Editor

With the passing of Charlie McCarren last week and his brother, Pat, last September, Butler has lost two wonderful men, leaving their loving families to grieve.

Everyone remembers Pat, always elegantly dressed and knowledgeable about the latest fashions for women, and Charlie, upstairs in the men’s department, with a smile on his face and a story to tell, and a bag of Cummings candy to share.

McCarren’s Clothing Store was the epitome of exceptional quality clothing and outstanding customer service. As a former employee, we knew our clientele. If you received a gift from McCarren’s, you knew it was something special.

Gifts were personally gift-wrapped with beautiful paper, ribbon and hand-made bows, especially at the Christmas season. There was a family atmosphere and many long-term, loyal employees.

There will never be another establishment like McCarren’s. Customer service like that does not exist anymore.

Butler is a little sadder for their passing, but wonderful memories remain.

They were reminders of what Butler’s Main Street once was.