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Don’t disarm people

February 18, 2013 Letters to the Editor

There is a steady and relentless drumbeat rising from our country calling for the disarming of American citizens.

I would like to list some reasons why that is a horrible idea.

First, it’s pure fantasy to believe 911 is a cure-all for homeowners. That was proven when a young lady in Pittsburgh was murdered by her boyfriend recently. She called 911, but the cop was told by the boyfriend that everything was fine. He shot her in the face, then committed suicide.

She needed a gun, period.

On the other end of the spectrum, calling 911 could result in a situation where an entire neighborhood could be put in danger, let alone the family that calls.

Just recently, a cop shot another cop in a domestic-disturbance situation in Pittsburgh. A wife called 911 but then called back and said everything was fine, but the cops wouldn’t have it. Next thing anyone knew, the house was surrounded by police with weapons drawn. Unfortunately for them, they went in so half-cocked and disorganized, one cop shot another cop with a rifle, in the back, twice.

It’s ironic, since the police were there because they didn’t trust someone else with a gun.

Woefully undertrained cops are a national problem.

This recent assault on responsible gun owners is ridiculous. We don’t need a fraction of the gun laws we already have.

Outside of an actual murderer or attempted murder, anyone should be able to own firearms.

The 911 system is an option but, in the end, one can only count on himself or herself.