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Police part of nuisance


February 13, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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I live in Meridian and make several trips a week to Butler, usually going out to Route 356 by Lifesteps and then turning right.

After passing through the stoplight at Moraine Pointe Plaza, those who stay in the left lane to turn, I’m sure, have occasionally noticed cars in front of them turning into the Sheetz parking lot, crossing over solid lines on the road, wasting the green light for motorists who are waiting behind them.

I refreshed my memory with a look at the drivers’ manual for Pennsylvania on the website, just to be sure.

As far as I could find, it’s illegal to cross or turn where there’s not a broken line painted on the road.

I drive through the area in question often enough that I’ve developed a habit of giving the offender a prolonged “horn salute.”

The other day, however, I wasn’t sure what to do. The car making the turn, holding up those of us trying to get to the light, was a state police cruiser.

I understand that the police do have special permission to ignore some traffic rules when responding to emergencies. But this was around noon. Maybe the donuts at Sheetz were getting stale?

Sorry, bad joke, but really?

I realize it’s not like these are rogue cops. I was just very discouraged to see that.

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