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Lacrosse appeal right

February 11, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I recently had the opportunity to voice my opinion supporting a young man’s quest to play lacrosse for the Butler School District. He attends St. Joseph’s High School in Natrona Heights, but lives in the local district.

I am thrilled with the 5-3 vote in favor of participating in an appeal to the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (WPIAL) regarding the young man’s request.

The school board meeting was an eye-opening experience for my husband and me. I left the meeting with a lot of concern, wondering how our tax money will be spent for our children’s best interests.

I was somewhat offended at the arrogance of board president Don Pringle. Several times he leaned back on his chair, with his hands behind his head, appearing as though he was bored and just wanted to get the issue over with. He seemed very intimidating toward the people who were at the meeting to support the young man.

I am happy that enough of our board members had a mind of their own and voted objectively.

Part of the discussion was in regard to what the cost of voting “yes” would be. I have to say that the numbers the board was discussing were not out of control. I cannot figure how the issue could evolve into any kind of substantial amount of money.

It was asked if the money that would be spent for the appeal would be “worth it for one kid.”

In my opinion, absolutely!

There already are enough young people who would prefer to sit at home in front of a television set, playing violent games, possibly doing drugs, and having no thoughts of becoming good citizens or getting jobs that would allow them to pay school taxes.

The student in question has the courage to fight for what he wants and believes in. All of our children need that kind of attitude.

I wish to express appreciation to the board members who voted for this boy’s cause, and thanks are in order to those who showed up to support this young man.