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Awaiting a group hug

February 9, 2013 Letters to the Editor

The Butler County commissioners totally blow my mind and my purse strings away.

Here are three supposedly educated men who have been elected to run a county, and I have to see my money going for counseling for them to learn how to treat and respect people in the workplace and deal with conflict resolution.

This is an embarrassment and an insult to me, and it should be to every county resident.

I’m not just talking about one commissioner; I am talking about all three of them. The situation in the Government Center has gotten completely out of hand.

Perhaps in the future, before elections, we should require all candidates to take a course like the one in question at their own expense.

They only have conflict resolution issues because they have created them, on the board and throughout the row offices.

This has been no one’s fault but the three commissioners’.

This is not grade school stuff, and this isn’t even college stuff; it’s way beyond that. This is about three men who haven’t learned anything about dealing with people over the course of their lives.

They should save the county taxpayers $1,900 or whatever the counseling fee will be and buy Wayne T. Alderson’s book, “Theory R Management.” It is a great book that explains how to value people in the workplace, and how to treat them with dignity and respect.

After the commissioners either read this book or spend my money on ridiculous counseling, I would hope that at one of their future meetings we will witness a group hug.