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Keep ‘Security’ pledge

February 8, 2013 Letters to the Editor

As president, Barack Obama has talked much about strengthening Social Security without cutting benefits for current retirees.

I am one of those retirees. I depend on my Social Security and Medicare.

In his 2011 State of the Union Address, Obama said, “We should also find a bipartisan solution to strengthen Social Security for future generations. We must do it without putting at risk current retirees, the most vulnerable, or people with disabilities; without slashing benefits for future generations; and without subjecting Americans’ guaranteed retirement income to the whims of the stock market.”

Did he mean what he said?

Currently, his website indicates, “No current beneficiaries should see their basic benefits reduced (and he) will not accept an approach that slashes benefits for future generations.”

Does he mean what his website states?

He needs to keep that promise. America’s seniors have worked hard and have paid into Social Security for their benefits for decades. Their benefits should not be cut as part of any irresponsible budget deal, including cutting benefits by indexing cost-of-living increases to “chained CPI” (Consumer Price Index). “Chained CPI” is voodoo economics.

I urge the president to keep his promise to protect seniors on Social Security. I am urging others to write to him by going to http://www.aarp.org.

The president must keep Social Security off the table as part of any shortsighted budget deal.

I expect nothing less than for him to keep his promise.