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Cut county spending


February 6, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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The Butler County commissioners have hired a financial adviser; two of the three commissioners want to construct a new office building.

But the county shouldn’t spend money that it doesn’t have.

The commissioners want to borrow millions of dollars to build the office building, but no money apparently is set aside for the project. Who balances the commissioners’ budgets at home?

Do the commissioners just sit around trying to think of ways to spend the taxpayers’ money?

The commissioners should listen to the people. It’s county residents who pay the commissioners’ salaries.

One of the commissioners plans to retire. Maybe he’ll be able to stay on and be a part-time adviser.

I suggest cutting costs, not increasing them. If the county has so many workers that another building is needed, perhaps the commissioners should reduce the workforce or find a way to cut daily operating expenses.

But if additional workers are in fact needed, then the county should hire people who have lost their jobs and benefits.

Finally, the commissioners feel they’ve given county property owners a break by increasing the millage rate for 2013 by one mill rather than two. A break? Really?

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