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Advice for Woodlands

February 4, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I am writing in response to the Jan. 27 letter of Jill A. Perry, Ph.D., regarding standing for or against hydraulic fracturing of gas-producing shale rock a mile or more beneath us.

I, personally, will not stand with anyone for something that is being lied about and completely blown out of proportion.

Several steady writers to the Butler Eagle imply that “fracking” has caused all sorts of problems for local wells in my area. But, as someone reads and studies their words, they come to the realization that their statements, videos and stories either are outright lies or partial truths twisted for their own agenda.

Rather than trotting the same people out for display to further their “noble” cause of getting the evil gas drillers to pay up, how about taking that money they’ve accumulated by rather nefarious means and help the affected folks drill new wells and install proper treatment systems on the wells that are in need of repair and/or replacement.

If the water in the Woodlands is so bad, why is it that one of the men featured in Marcellus Outreach Butler’s videos still keeps drilling new ones here in the Woodlands?

As for having water tested, who in their right mind would let the university professor who is trying to build a case against drillers be the one to do the testing in a lab that is not certified for that?

My advice for all in the Woodlands is to lock their wells and keep an eye out for strangers in the neighborhood.