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Good place to grow old

January 22, 2013 Letters to the Editor

My dad, aged 95, passed away this month. At the Geibel Funeral Home, I saw three kinds of people walk into the room — family, friends and Butler community angels.

The angels are people devoted to the care and nurturing of the elderly of the Butler community. I call them angels because these fine people flutter to you when you need them, then go off to help someone else when you don’t.

Per Dad’s wishes, the time for viewing and the service was limited and that probably prevented the attendance of many angels I met over the last few years.

My parents have been under the care of LIFE Butler County for almost four years. LIFE stands for Living Independence For Elderly.

With extraordinary tender loving care and expertise, LIFE has managed their complex and changing medical, functional and social needs, mostly at my parents’ home, but also at the LIFE Center on West Diamond Street.

Recently, due to my dad’s deterioration, both of my parents were (my mother still is) at St. John’s Specialty Care Center in Mars. Both LIFE and St. John’s are part of the Lutheran Senior Life organization.

Angels from LIFE were at the funeral home, as were angels from the Visiting Nurses Association.

Then there were the angels who independently visited and nurtured both of my parents.

All of these angels and many more enrich the lives of the elderly in the Butler area. It seems fitting to be surrounded by such angels in preparation for the next step.

My wife and I left the Butler area more than 50 years ago. Everytime we visit we are struck by the wholesome character of the people there versus what we have seen in and around the big cities where we’ve lived — San Diego, Los Angeles, Detroit and Cincinnati.

Butler is a very good place to be raised, live and grow old.