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Stop the bickering


January 22, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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When our three county commissioners were elected, it was supposed to be for the people.

What happened?

I remember reading that they would have to attend classes dealing with their behavior. They should pay for that out of their own pockets, not from taxpayers’ funds.

What have the majority-party commissioners, William McCarrier and Dale Pinkerton, done for the people, besides spending money and voting to raise taxes?

Why can’t the three commissioners get along, instead of making fools of one another? I think they should step back and take a long, hard look at how foolish they have been.

One of the commissioners instigates everything. One commissioner follows him, mimicking whatever he does and says. The third commissioner, no matter what he says or does, always is wrong, and the others attack.

McCarrier has a long record of governmental service and is well respected; I’m surprised at him.

I consider Pinkerton the ringleader. What is wrong?

Pinkerton was a businessman. I’m sure he didn’t tolerate this behavior from his own people.

The economy is bad. People have lost jobs. Some have exhausted their unemployment benefits, can’t afford health care coverage, but still have utility bills to pay, as well as car payments and paying for vehicle and home upkeep.

There even are homeless people.

Do the commissioners think of the everyday people who have worked all their lives but still are at risk of losing everything? Do they care?

They sit there on the fifth floor of the county Government Center, being protected by a sheriff’s deputy.

Rather than raise taxes, the county should impose spending cuts and reduce taxes.

The commissioners should not spend money that the county doesn’t have.

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