The Cranberry Eagle
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Article published January 21, 2013

Are you happy the Pittsburgh Penguins are back on the ice?

“I'm a New York Rangers fan, and my husband is a Penguins fan. It's caused some divisions in the family.”

Kerrin Vandenburgh,
Cranberry Township

“I am extremely happy they're back.”
Jim Cenna,
Cranberry Township

“I'm glad the millionaires finally got done with each other so we can all watch the games now.”
Millard Humphreys,
Cranberry Township

“Absolutely. I went to the scrimmage Wednesday and I'm going to the home opener too.”
P.J. Lynd,
Cranberry Township

“I’m very happy. I don’t go to the games or anything but it’s something we need to have.”
Eileen Quinn,
Cranberry Township