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Animal agency thankful

January 17, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I would like to thank the Butler community for its wonderful support of the animals at the Butler County Humane Society. It was amazing to see the bags of dog food and cat food, cat litter, toys and treats lined up in the shelter lobby during the holiday season.

Officer Trina Loesch of the Evans City Police Department and Evans City borough secretary Nadine Grabe hosted a “giving tree” for the animals and came by with a pickup truck and car packed with supplies.

Center Township Elementary School came by with Christmas-wrapped boxes full of donations, as did Emily Brittain Elementary School.

Elliott’s Tire Service sponsored a Pet Appreciation Day, and Butler Human Resources Association made a group donation.

Dozens of people arrived with truckloads or gift bags full of items, as well as year-end monetary donations.

The groups and families are too numerous to name them all.

People who stopped shared experiences involving a beloved family pet. Many of those who donated money did so in honor or memory of loved ones, both two- and four-legged.

One family decided that instead of giving gifts to each other, they would pool what they normally would have spent into one pot and share it among several local charities, of which we were a beneficiary.

I am so proud to be working in this community. We are 100 percent supported by the community, and the fact that our doors have been open for 115 years speaks volumes about the people of this county.

My heart is full of appreciation and gratitude to the wonderful people who take time out from their busy holiday to remember the homeless animals who are waiting for their forever homes. I am honored to be able to give a voice to the wonderful animals at the shelter, and on behalf of our staff and all the dogs and cats that benefit from such generosity.