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Pursue troubling facts

January 17, 2013 Letters to the Editor

I love the way Democrats respond when they don’t like something they see or hear by blaming Republicans for just about everything under the sun.

It was only the fiscally conservative members of the other party’s spending and unfunded wars that piled on the last 32 years of debt.

All of our wars have either been funded by printing money, tax increases or borrowing, with resultant deficits and inflation.

I thought the Korean War began under Harry Truman and ended under Dwight Eisenhower.

Moreover, I must be under the false assumption that George W. Bush was responsible for Vietnam. Again, I must be mistaken that it was John Kennedy who was president when the Vietnam War began, which was then extended under Lyndon B. Johnson.

The cease-fire began under Richard Nixon.

During this period, it was Lyndon Johnson who moved all of the Social Security excess (trust fund) over to the U.S. Treasury to pay for the Vietnam War and his War on Poverty.

This is partly why Social Security now is in trouble.

Next we have President Barack Obama increasing our footprint in Afghanistan with continuing drone strikes and enhanced interrogation by way of continued operation of Guantanamo.

Facts are something Democrats have difficulty understanding.

Those who don’t already have one should obtain a copy of my full-page letter printed in the Butler Eagle on Oct. 7 and begin to comprehend what party is responsible for the 2008 financial collapse on Wall Street, leading to the loss of millions of jobs, a devastated economy, and loss of income desperately needed to fund government entitlements. Also, people should obtain the DVD “The Warning.”

The progressive sides of both political parties lack both statesman-like qualities and the accounting expertise to run America.

People should do themselves a favor and Google “Government funding programs.” By doing that, they just might begin to understand what “squander” and “waste” look like in the real world.

God help America!