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No ‘Ring’ name change

January 16, 2013 Letters to the Editor

Editorials have been written criticizing school boards for settling contracts too soon, taking too long to settle, criticizing the salaries that teachers receive, and the list goes on.

As an educator, these editorials disturb me, but I did not respond via a letter to the editor. However, a recent editorial, on a subject very removed from education, really disturbed me and I felt a need to respond.

I served on the Ring In The Arts New Year’s Eve committee and I know how hard its members work. I know firsthand what they try to do with limited funds.

I also believe the name is perfect, especially for what they promote.

For the 10th-year celebration, the name should not be changed, as the editorial suggests.

I always have been told that if you elect to criticize, then you need to get involved.

Larry Stock and Maggie Stock have worked tirelessly on this event, sometimes starting on the next year as soon as one ends, and I thank them for that. They not only need the support of the Butler Eagle editorial writer, but they also need the support of Butler people.

Instead of criticizing, offer help.