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More deer hunting

January 12, 2013 Letters to the Editor

After exploring the subject of deer management in Western Pennsylvania in my college class, I’m convinced that deer populations must decrease.

There is not enough food to support their current numbers.

Deer are extreme foragers, eating twigs, buds and leaves. They are destructive.

They eat saplings, which inhibits future trees from developing. With an appropriate population, this foraging wouldn’t have any negative effects.

However, the current population is destroying its food source, which is why many deer die of starvation and malnutrition.

Deer are not only destroying their food supply but also their habitat. And as I said above, an appropriate population would have no detrimental consequences. But, their numbers are too large.

To reduce the population, I believe there should be more hunting. Although many hunters oppose that option, it’s in the best interest of deer.

To convince hunters that this is the best alternative, the public must be educated, and local meetings should be held on deer management.

This topic also should be discussed in schools, so future hunters will be able to work on behalf of improving the deer population.