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Article published January 9, 2013


The following school lunch menus have been announced for the week of Jan. 14.


Monday — Cheeseburger, vegetable soup, tater tots, assorted fruit bar, assorted milks and juices
Tuesday — Turkey in gravy, whole-grain biscuit, mashed potatoes, steamed corn, assorted fruit and veggie bar, assorted milks and juices
Wednesday — Crispy chicken, salads, roll, slim stick cut fry, Mandarin oranges, assorted fruit and veggie bar, assorted milks and juices
Thursday — BBQ Ribby Sandwich, potato smiles (4), tossed salad, fresh grapes, assorted milks and juices
Friday — Pepperoni pizza, crispy celery sticks, apple slices, assorted fruit and veggie bar, assorted milks and juices.
Monday — Crispy chicken salad, skinny fries, roll, pizza burger on a bun, Aztec beans, apple slices, cheese pizza
Tuesday — Penne pasta marinara or meat sauce, breadstick, fish sandwich, American cheese whole-grain bun, steamed beans, oranges, sausage pizza
Wednesday — Hot turkey sandwich, warm turkey and cheese croissant, mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed carrots, peaches, spinach and tomato pizza
Thursday — General Tso's chicken over brown rice, egg roll a la carte, hot dog on a bun, broccoli, assorted fruits, ham and pineapple pizza
Friday — Perogies with sliced ham, bacon cheeseburger whole-grain bun, peas and carrots, pears, pepperoni pizza.

Monday — Baked ziti, bread stick and tossed salad

Tuesday — Pepperoni and cheese pretzel roll, fruit and Jell-O
Wednesday — Chicken fajita and toppings with peach cobbler
Thursday — Philly cheesesteak on Amoroso roll with baked fries and fruit
Friday — French bread pizza, yogurt and fruit.

Monday — Corn dogs with butter noodles, fruit, vegetables
Tuesday — Italian hoagies with Lays chip, fruit, vegetable
Wednesday — French toast sticks with sausage links, potatoes pancakes, cinnamon apple sauce
Thursday — Stuffed crust pizza with fruit, vegetable, pudding
Friday — No school