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Get back inside ‘fence’

December 28, 2012 Letters to the Editor

When a horrible tragedy happens in our lives, like the shooting in Newton, Conn., we often cry out, “Where was God? Why didn’t He stop it?”

There are no easy answers, but there is something we must begin to face and deal with.

We have chosen over the years to remove God and prayer from our schools, the first Educator of mankind. We have removed His Book, the Bible, from our classrooms when, at one time, it was the main textbook for all education, written by the Chief Educator/Scientist/Historian/Mathematician/etc.

We have allowed the standard of God’s Law to be removed from government and our justice system. We have chosen to govern ourselves rather than turn to the first and greatest Law-Giver of all, the Lord God.

We have rejected God’s moral standards as laid out in the Bible, deciding that we don’t like the restrictions. We want to do our own thing.

In essence, we have told God that we don’t need Him; we don’t want His Son, Jesus Christ; nor do we want anything to do with His Word. After all, we can do this thing called “life” so much better on our own without Him, right?

Just look around us to see the answer.

Where was God? Looking on and weeping because we had told Him to get out of our lives, so He left us to our own devices. Our hearts grieve with those personally affected by these tragedies.

God’s heart grieves with them. He longs to wrap His arms around them and bring comfort. If we would only return to Him, asking forgiveness for our rejection of Him; if we would only restore His rightful place in our schools, our governments and courtrooms, our homes, how would life change?

I know there always will be those who are offended by the truth. But their push to make us remove God from the very fabric of our society is an offense to me and many others. More importantly, it is an offense to God.

We have a fence in our backyard as a boundary to keep our dog safe. Outside of that fence the world is big and enticing, but it also is fraught with life-threatening dangers.

Inside the fence there is protection, freedom within the boundaries, needs met and lots of love. We, as a society, have chosen the world outside the fence.

Have we had enough yet? Isn’t it time to reject the false enticements and get back inside the fence of God’s Word? The gate is in the shape of the Cross.