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Profit for Sunnyview

December 12, 2012 Letters to the Editor

Pennsylvania once had 50 county homes across the state. Currently, there are fewer than 30.

The trend has been to close or lease county homes because of lost revenue for various reasons, including loss of Medicare and Medicaid funds, mismanagement, and regulatory costs.

I know Butler County officials have in the past studied the possible sale or lease of Sunnyview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. If we are to keep it, we must look at it as a business. It should be self-sustaining.

We should hold the county commissioners accountable to ensure that.

I have been a small-business owner in this county for more than 30 years. Everything has increased in cost over the years, and we have had to make tough decisions to stay profitable and remain in business.

I have not received federal, state or county funds to ensure my continuance in business.

We as taxpayers are overtaxed now; raising taxes to cover bad business decisions does not sit well with me.

Sunnyview is a business, run by the county, that has needed to be bailed out in the past.

It is time to make it profitable — or get rid of it.