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Re-election not victory


December 12, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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I’m writing in response to the Rev. Darlene K. Ryniec’s Nov. 26 letter, “Give up the hate.”

She calls President Barack Obama’s re-election a victory. I pray that our nation will survive the next four years.

She apparently has no idea who this man is, and being at the level she is makes me wonder a great deal about her.

Fox News is not unreliable; Ryniec’s sources are unreliable.

No one has been duped except the likes of her.

This president never should have been elected, and he has shown why. He’s a smooth-talker, and a talker is all that he is.

There’s no shame in being successful. If Ryniec thinks Mitt Romney was hiding things, she hasn’t seen anything yet with Obama.

The allegations against Obama, as she calls them, are true.

Ryniec said she was shocked at the lies that were told. The letter she wrote was full of them.

Obama didn’t get re-elected because he’s so good. He got re-elected because of the give-me people and all the corruption and illegal voting.

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