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Stop knocking ‘middle’


December 12, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, R-3rd, was quoted by two area newspapers as commenting, “I’m tired of hearing the phrase ‘Middle Class’ ”

If Kelly doesn’t vote in the interest of his constituents, he might not hear the phrase “middle class” much longer — because there no longer will be a middle-class constituent group in the 3rd District.

Kelly has been in Washington long enough to know that, when it comes to fiscal matters, society is described by phrases such as upper income, upper middle income, middle income, underpaid, upper class, middle class, underemployed, working poor, retired, unemployed, senior, veteran, student, union worker, non-union worker, small-business owner — the list goes on.

All phrases are used when considering the economic growth of a district, state, or the nation.

Kelly shouldn’t be tired of hearing those phrases. It is his duty to consider — and represent — all of those groups. He must consider all groups when he casts his vote on the upcoming federal budget.

Kelly represents the 3rd District, where the majority of his constituents belong to — here comes the phrase — the middle class, and also the working poor.

I am a member of the middle class and I live in the 3rd District. Kelly should start listening to his constituents.

The 2012 election is over; Kelly was re-elected. Now he should stop knocking us.

It’s time for Kelly to become a representative for all of his constituents.

A person who is elected to the U.S. Congress carries the job title “Representative to the U.S. Congress” but we refer to them as congressman or congresswoman.

Rather than calling Kelly “Representative to the U.S. Congress,” I call him Congressman Kelly, because he does not represent me.

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