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Cuts, not tax hikes


December 11, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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I read the Butler Eagle articles about the proposed county and Butler School District tax increases.

Do these county and school board elected officials realize they represent the voters, not just their teacher friends or other officials?

Is anyone else sick and tired of these almost-yearly tax increases, instead of looking for cuts, cuts and more cuts?

For example, if health care costs are rising, more money should be sought from employees to help cover those costs.

As for the county, when it is negotiating with hourly people, it looks for cuts everywhere — employee contributions for health care, etc. But big headlines don’t inform the taxpayers about many of the unbelievable raises county officials receive, until those raises are finalized.

The Butler School Board prides itself in “early bird” contracts that the district apparently can’t afford, then looks for tax increases year after year.

How about larger class sizes and increased employee contributions toward health care coverage?

If all we’re going to do is increase taxes, why do we need these representatives?

Retired people on fixed incomes cannot afford much more.

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