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Stop Eckstein-bashing

December 10, 2012 Letters to the Editor

This is in reply to the Nov. 21 letter of Helen and Mel Bachman, “2 have done much.”

The letter continues the Republican bashing of Butler County Commissioner Jim Eckstein.

The Bachmans talk about all the good works Commissioners Dale Pinkerton and William McCarrier have done for Butler County, and about all the trials they have to deal with during commissioners meetings.

By “trials” they mean having to deal with Eckstein.

I acknowledge the good works Pinkerton and McCarrier have done, but many others have helped this community too, and with no fanfare.

Let’s not forget that Jesus does not want us to boast about our good deeds.

I am a Democrat and am proud of my party. It irritates me to see David Kerr, a member of the Butler County Democratic Committee, ridicule Eckstein.

Instead of following in lock step with the Butler County Republican machine to demean Eckstein, Kerr and the other Democratic committee members should be supporting Eckstein’s efforts to keep the Republican commissioners honest.

The Democratic Committee did nothing to help any Democratic candidates in the past election. Most of them gleefully jumped onto the Republican bandwagon to continue the assault on Eckstein, the only commissioner who is trying to honestly deal with impending budget problems.

The Republican attempt to make Eckstein a one-term commissioner will be as successful as the Republican attempt to make Barack Obama a one-term president.