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U.S. in big danger

December 5, 2012 Letters to the Editor

I read Rick Devore’s Nov. 14 letter to the editor, “Proven wrong again.” That is an extremely apt headline given the fact that Devore’s facts are significantly wrong.

Listed below are the dates, presidencies and cumulative amounts of the national debt compiled for the United States:

1976, Gerald Ford, $653 billion

1980, Jimmy Carter, $930 billion

1988, Ronald Reagan, $2.7 trillion

1992, George H.W. Bush, $4.2 trillion

2000, Bill Clinton, $5.7 trillion

2008, George W. Bush, $10.7 trillion

2012, Barack Obama, $16.5 trillion

As observed from the above, one can compute that the George W. Bush increase to the current national debt is 31 percent, not 67 percent, as stated in Devore’s letter. And, moreover, Obama’s contribution to the same debt figure is 36 percent.

Also, it must be noted that the Obama contribution to the cumulative deficits are greater than all of the cumulative deficits amassed from 1935 until 2009, when George W. Bush left office.

Devore misses the entire point. Our government, historically, has spent and is spending more than it takes in. One trillion seconds equals 31,710 years.

The political parties running America for the past 77 years do not deserve the privilege of managing our country any longer. They do not have the statesmanship or the accounting skills to run a popsicle stand, let alone an entity as complex as the United States economy.

Spending more than what the county has in receipts is a lethal concept and will lead to the destruction of the free America.

Maybe if more people like Devore could begin to alter their opinions, we could save the U.S.A.