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Signs up, signs gone

November 30, 2012 Letters to the Editor

My husband and I always have been Democrats. We always have voted, but never actively participated in the campaign process.

Our involvement changed when my cousin, Georgiann Kerr, began chairing the Butler County Democratic Committee.

Her enthusiasm is infectious; we became committee members, and on a Saturday prior to the Nov. 6 election we found ourselves putting up Barack Obama and Missa Eaton signs in northern Butler County.

I was the runner, scampering up banks and leaping over drainage ditches. My husband, Kevin, who is a member of Local 66 of the Operating Engineers, drove the truck.

We were having a great time and in a small way felt that we were part of something important.

Cars honked at us, drivers made obscene gestures, and passengers rolled down their windows and yelled obscenities. We took the abuse and finished our mission, placing 25 Obama signs and Eaton signs along Route 38 and its environs.

None of the Obama signs lasted 24 hours. The next day all were gone.

I plotted my revenge but was dissuaded from any overt retaliation. Instead, this letter is my revenge.

To all of the ungracious opposition, to all of the fat cats who wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on misleading ads, to all legislators who tried to win the election by suppressing the Democratic vote, I wish to emphasize the fact that we won a decisive victory. We retained the White House, we picked up seats in the Senate, and we now have 20 women senators.

We added to our minority in the House of Representatives, we secured the Supreme Court for at least a generation, and we swept every Pennsylvania row office that was up for grabs.

My advice to the Republican Party is to abandon trickery and try to find some better candidates.

Why would anyone believe a word Mitt Romney had to say? He took every position on nearly every issue, and sometimes flipped a couple of times in less than a week.

He is a tax dodger. He ran for the presidency with no foreign policy experience.

Meanwhile, his actions on the night of the attack on our embassy in Libya bordered on sedition.

He bought the GOP nomination and tried to buy the election.

Obama’s re-election was historic. The last Democratic president to win two terms with a majority of the popular vote in each was Franklin Delano Roosevelt and that was before I was born.

We now have four more years with a great commander in chief.