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November 21, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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It is time to straighten out some things about our county commissioners. We all know what has transpired at their meetings this year.

Letters have condemned all of the commissioners, but there are things some county residents might not know about Commissioners Dale Pinkerton and Bill McCarrier.

We have done business with Pinkerton, and through mutual friends have become acquainted with Dale and his wife, Millie.

It seems as though a lot of people don’t know what Dale Pinkerton and Bill McCarrier have done for this county.

For instance, Pinkerton started the Butler Rotary Turkey Roundup, which has helped thousands of people through the food banks; helped start the Butler Emergency Relief Initiative (BERI), which helps people in need with their utilities; is a member of the committee that brought Big Brothers/Big Sisters to this county; and is “Pinky” the Clown at Golden Tornado Scholarship Night.

And, I have personally seen Pinkerton up early in the morning shoveling snow for senior citizens before going to work at the government center.

We don’t know McCarrier as well, but we know he has been chairman for United Way and been on the board of the Salvation Army. He also has served as president of the fire chiefs association and president of community development.

What I’ve mentioned represents only a partial list of what these two men have done. They care.

We sincerely hope Pinkerton and McCarrier will continue their good work and be able to ignore the impediment that has been put in their way.

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