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Require proof

November 21, 2012 Letters to the Editor

Now that the politicians can crawl back into the woodwork for another 44 months, and with their mudslinging having teetered on libel and slander, it should be made law that they prove what they are alleging.

I fail to see how a voter could make an intelligent decision about a candidate — or do voters just believe them because the candidates are of the same party?

The ads I especially liked involved state attorney general candidate Kathleen Kane’s claiming she tried 3,000 cases. That number even came out of the mouth of former President Bill Clinton, who campaigned on her behalf.

Meanwhile, the opposition claimed she tried only 25 cases, none in the past five years.

That’s a difference of 2,975 cases.

One of the two candidates for that office was a liar.

I challenge readers to write letters informing others about which politician made their life better or put more money in their pocket.

The only job that concerns politicians is the one for which they are running. Until they find a way to build plants that employ a few thousand people for jobs paying $25 an hour, the so-called middle class can’t put money back into the economy.

We should have listened to Ross Perot, who said without industry the economy is doomed.