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New county leaders

November 19, 2012 Letters to the Editor

Robert E. Neal, in his Nov. 2 letter to the editor “Act like men, not kids,” hit the nail on the head.

I too watch the Butler County commissioners’ meetings, with Commissioners Dale Pinkerton and William McCarrier on their own side.

Commissioner Jim Eckstein seems like he’s alone. However, I believe he thinks the way everyday people do.

We try to make ends meet. Pinkerton and McCarrier think like rich people.

Meanwhile, as for Butler’s mayor, it’s time to clean house.

This town has many problems, but the mayor thinks hanging up some flower pots is what the city needs.

Everything Neal said is right.

As for changing the names of things like Picklegate Crossing, the people who’ve spent their lives here know the original names that always will be what they use.

Pinkerton has done nothing good for Butler. As for McCarrier, he should have left a long time ago.

When it’s time to vote, Butler County people need to remember what’s been taking place.

Let’s clean house, and may God bless us all.