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Pool project ridiculous

November 15, 2012 Letters to the Editor

I’m not sure what other residents of Butler County feel about the improvements that the Butler County commissioners are planning for Alameda Pool, but I consider them totally ridiculous.

Other small communities in the county have their own pools that they try to maintain, but the county fathers can’t see outside Butler City and Butler Township.

Spending $1.3 million to make repairs and upgrade various things at Alameda is for the good of residents of the city and township, not the people living on the outskirts. I would like to know just how many people from outside those two areas use Alameda Pool.

The drawing in the Nov. 8 Butler Eagle made it look like a resort. It looks to me that there would be 13 umbrellas available, some with “café seating.”

There also are two water slides proposed. And, as Commissioner Dale Pinkerton said, “The aesthetics would suffer by not replacing all the concrete.”

So, we must replace concrete because it wouldn’t “look nice.”

Who cares!

Evans City has a community pool and park; it’s called EDCO Park. We’ve struggled for years to keep up the necessary repairs, trying to get funding for the baby pool and make much-needed repairs to other areas.

Did the county commissioners care? There might have been a time or two that EDCO received a grant from Butler County, but it was far from being enough to do the whole pool over, or to even get the baby pool repaired.

I’ve read on several occasions that we are cutting funding for this and funding for that. Meanwhile, a lady from the district attorney’s office was told to either quit or be fired because she supposedly didn’t submit a $400,000 grant application by the deadline, although she reportedly has paperwork to show otherwise.

Shouldn’t the DA be overseeing the things that go on in his office? Perhaps she’s just the scapegoat.

I’ll just bet that the Victim Outreach Intervention Center, county libraries, and some other nonprofit organizations would like to have just a small chunk of that $1.3 million that could be spent on a pool that’s open three months (weather depending) out of the year.

These groups that I mentioned operate more than just three months out of the year; they serve more people in one year than Alameda Pool serves in many years.

My last thought:

The needed repairs didn’t just happen this past year. Why all of a sudden does so much need done?

If residents of Butler County are just going to sit back and let the “Three Wise Men” spend our money like this, residents shouldn’t act surprised and whine when our taxes go up because of such foolishness.