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Expo was rewarding


November 15, 2012 Letters to the Editor

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I would like to thank the Butler Eagle for the Nov. 5 article “Expo promotes manufacturing in county.”

For the past several years, on the first weekend of November and at the Clearview Mall, a grass-roots effort has been under way to build awareness about the many manufacturing companies in our region.

The event is sponsored by the Butler County Manufacturing Consortium.

The many volunteers from this group were able to speak with many adults and children who came by to learn more about the products we make, how we make them, where our parts go throughout the world and, most importantly, how anyone can take steps to join one of our companies.

It was very rewarding to let people know and understand that many products that they might have in their homes, cars or at work have components that started right here in Butler County.

In addition, we hosted a science demonstration that not only allowed for free samples of ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, but we were able to explain to many how that fun process actually is used by many metal workers to bring about stability and strength to our products, too.

There is a reason why Butler County has consistently performed better with regard to the unemployment rate than the national average. While we do have leading-edge manufacturing technologies, more importantly, we employ some of the most highly skilled, motivated, dedicated and proudest workers in the nation. Each acts as his or her own entrepreneur when it comes to problem-solving and offering unique and technical solutions to the many customers we work with from around the world.

We always have been proud to make things here in Butler County, and the Butler County Manufacturing Consortium will continue to support any and all efforts to educate the public and entice the next great leaders of industry and business for our nation’s success.

By doing so, Butler County can look forward to the continued path for a greater tomorrow.

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